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Damming the Peace
The hidden costs of the Site C Dam

By (author) Wendy Holm

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WENDY HOLM is a retired Agrologist, columnist, author and speaker. She has been named a Distinguished Alumni of UBC, and has received two Queen's Medals for contribution to community. She has won ten national journalism awards since 2002. She lives on Bowen Island, British Columbia.

Unpublished endorsement

"A powerful resource for the resistance to the travesty called Site C. Wendy Holm, together with 14 top journalists and professionals, has produced a stellar call to action and provided all the information we need to prove our case. The fight to stop Site C is not over. Damming the Peace is our roadmap."

Unpublished endorsement

"Damming the Peace is a vital contribution to the public record on Site C. Its contributors each bring a vital perspective to the dialogue. For anyone interested and engaged in energy politics and our planet's looming climate crisis, it's a powerful and compelling read. One can only hope that with more educated and informed citizens will come a collective realization that we can't elevate the economy above what we need to survive, and that building more megadams epitomizes the folly of our ways."

Unpublished endorsement

"Damming the Peace provides an excellent series of articles by some of British Columbia's most gifted experts and writers. Even though the BC Government decided to go ahead with, rather than cancel, Site C, the economic, environmental, agricultural, geotechnical, energy and aboriginal issues raised in this book will continue to be important."

Unpublished endorsement

"This collection of insightful and informed essays leaves no doubt about the true and devastating costs of Site C. Until we heed the evidence to cancel this project, these costs will continue to accrue, unnecessarily burdening us and future generations. A distributed, resilient, community-based energy future for B.C. is still possible; let us continue to work towards a better outcome for the Peace Valley, and for the province."

Unpublished endorsement

"Damming the Peace brings together a diverse field of experts who not only examine Site C, but other resource extraction projects and practices that when thrown together make a toxic mix of cumulative impacts for the Peace and beyond. The struggle for a healthy environment is our duty to ourselves, and future generations. As the fight to save the Peace River Valley continues, this informative book helps guide us to that goal."

Unpublished endorsement

"Damming the Peace is a must read for all B.C. citizens. These writers have captured the essence of the Site C debacle. The roots of this provincial decision reach much further into the fundamentals of democracy and the concepts of stewardship and sustainable practices. I believe that the decision to construct Site C strikes at the very core of our civilized society. The taxpayers of B.C. will rue the day that this proven absolutely unnecessary project was approved."

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