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Authority: Deal with it before it deals with you

Young people receive a lot of mixed message when it comes to dealing with authority figures, this book shows children how to communicate effectively with those in charge.

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Rules are all around us -- at school, at home and even on the street. This book demonstrates that young people always have the power to make thoughtful choices, even when a rule seems overly strict or unfair.

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Morgan Makes a Deal

Having a paper route is a lot more work than Morgan cares to take on. His parents helped him into it so he would have some money for a video game that he wants.

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Lilly's Special Gift

When Lilly gives her best friend a braclet, her best wishes for her friend become a nightmare of rumours.

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Arguing: Deal with it word by word looks at the reasons why communication breaks down during arguments and suggests effective ways for young people to manage verbal disputes before they escalate into fullscale conflicts.

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Gossip: Deal with it before word gets around looks at the damage gossip can cause to both its object and its perpetrators, ways to cope when a rumour is making the rounds, and what young people can do when the urge to participate in gossip feels irresistible.

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Using realistic examples and sensitive language, Racism: Deal with it before it gets under your skin examines the sources of racial and cultural conflicts. This important book will help young people recognize and overcome barriers to peace, understanding, and acceptance.

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Toby's Very Important Question

On the morning after Christmas, someone phones Toby's family to tell them that Toby's aunt has died in a car accident. After the ceremony, Toby notices that although everyone is very sad, they are also able to smile, chat and even sing. He wonders why people can be both happy and sad.

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Shay and his pal Toby are among the players on the school soccer team who fall foul of the "fair play contract". The players form their own unofficial team and become one of the league's top teams. But will they be allowed to play in the championship game?

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9781550288605 | Published: October 2004

Ceiling Stars

Ceiling Stars is a moving story about the strength and limits of friendship in the presence of mental illness.

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