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Jamilah at the End of the World

A Palestinian-Canadian teen girl’s anxiety about climate change causes conflict with her family and makes it seem futile to plan for her future.

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Spin Out

A teen has to come to terms with his life when online car-racing and reality collide.

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Push Back

Zaine enters a restorative justice agreement to avoid criminal charges. But will his rage or some new gang members land him back on the streets first?

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Same Love

When Adam reveals to his devout parents that he's gay, they send him to a Christian camp. But when he meets Paul, Adam realizes it's impossible to bury his attraction and "straighten out."

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Follow Your Heart

Nisha has always been a good Tamil daughter. Her parents want her to become a doctor or an engineer but what she really loves is writing… and her classmate, Todd. Can love conquer obligation?

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Rez Rebel

A lack of educational and career opportunities, medical support and counselling on Native reserves leads to a rash of teen suicides. Can Floyd turn around his community's descent into crisis before it's too late?

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