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From Bombs to Books
The remarkable stories of refugee children and their families at two exceptional Canadian schools

By (author) David Starr

Biographical note (a single note referring to all contributors to a product – see PR.8.17 for a biography which is linked to a single contributor)

DAVID STARR is the principal at Byrne Creek Community School, a high school in Burnaby, BC. He also served for four years as the principal of nearby Edmonds Community School. David is on the board of directors of Canada Scores Vancouver, a charity that provides soccer, poetry and leadership training to urban youth in Burnaby and Surrey, BC. David was recognized by the UBC Faculty of Education as one of their top 100 graduates and was awarded a Community MVP award by the Vancouver Canucks. He is the winner of the 2008 Vancouver Province's "Serial Thriller" competition and is also the co-author of Insider Guide to K-12 Education in BC and the author of the soon-to-be released young adult novels The Nor'Wester and Golden Goal.

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