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Falling Star

The Brunswick Valley kids are on the road. In order to secure the top spot in the league, the gang is playing a series of away-games at schools around the province.

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Foul Play

Remy and Alison play on rival soccer teams. When Remy finds out Alison has a special plan to beat Remy's team in the tournament, she becomes convinced that Alison will sabotage her team's players.

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Heads Up!

Glen and Jacob are both on the same soccer team. They're best friends until Danny, a new kid, joins the team.

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Just for Kicks

A friendly soccer match becomes serious -- and less fun -- when adults get involved. It's up to the kids to reclaim the spirit of the sport.

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Soccer Star!

For Samantha, whose military family is always on the move, soccer has been the one constant in her life.

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Soccer and comedy collide in this story of a New Brunswick co-ed team and their decision to get themselves kicked off the team - on purpose - to protest their principal's unrealistic new policies.

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Michael has to find the strength to tell the truth.

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Trading Goals

Vicky lives for soccer, and dreams of being on the national team. But when she suddenly has to switch schools, she finds herself on the same team as her fiercest rival, a goalkeeper named Britney -- and there’s only room for one girl in the net.

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Rock Dogs

The Rock Dogs' three-day camping trip turns into an adventure.

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No Contact

In trying to fit into her new life, Debbie learns the importance of accepting people for who they are.

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Sport Stories

Sports Stories Series

High interest sports fiction

Series website


Series features

  • Gripping, action-packed stories
  • Short, high-interest fiction
  • Contemporary themes and Canadian settings
  • Award-winning authors who know their sport

"A winning series... designed to attract reluctant readers as well as provide recreational reading for children who are interested in stories about sports."
- National Library of Canada

"Lorimer is obviously succeeding with this series of action-driven novels which encourage young readers to 'Get in the Game'!"
- Resource Links

Kids who love sports love these books, and so do teachers. When you put one of these into a young sports fan's hands, you can feel confident they will enjoy reading.