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Delaying the Game

All-girls hockey is a different world for Kaleigh – there are new teammates, new rules, and new problems to deal with. And when Shane comes along, Kaleigh finds that the world of boys has become just as confusing.

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A Goal in Sight

When Aiden has to perform one hundred hours of community service, he is assigned to help a blind hockey player whose team is Calgary's Seeing Ice Dogs.

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Hockey Night in Transcona

When Coach Brackett takes his own son off the front line so that Cody can take his place,
Cody has to decide what's more important – taking his time to shine, or sticking up for a friend.

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Home Ice

Tori is staying with family near Toronto while her parents deal with troubles back home. To keep a sense of normalcy, she joins the Rangers -- the worst hockey team in the league.

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Gregg Stokes can tell you exactly when his life took a turn for the worse. It was the day his new stepsister, Amy, joined the starting line-up of his hockey team.

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Josh is off to an elite hockey camp for the summer, where he shares a room with Peter, a talented player from the Northwest Territories. Peter is skilled enough to give Kevin, the star junior player, some serious competition, which creates trouble on and off the ice.

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Two Minutes for Roughing

Roddy Smith and his brother Lenny are tough. They run things on the Metro Cats, a hockey team in Toronto's East End.

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Hat Trick

Twelve-year-old Leigh is one of the top players - and the only girl on the Falcons hockey team.

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Power Play

Zach Thomas has just returned from a near season-ending injury, and to make matters worse, now a bully on an opposing team has decided they have unfinished business. Can Zach learn how to stand up to his fear of getting hurt – and to the bully?

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Rink Rivals

When the Selkirk family moves from their remote Cree community to Calgary, life is turned upside down for twin brothers Evan and Bryn. When the boys start lying to new friends to win approval, they have to rely on each other to gain the courage to set things right.

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Sport Stories

Sports Stories Series

High interest sports fiction

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Series features

  • Gripping, action-packed stories
  • Short, high-interest fiction
  • Contemporary themes and Canadian settings
  • Award-winning authors who know their sport

"A winning series... designed to attract reluctant readers as well as provide recreational reading for children who are interested in stories about sports."
- National Library of Canada

"Lorimer is obviously succeeding with this series of action-driven novels which encourage young readers to 'Get in the Game'!"
- Resource Links

Kids who love sports love these books, and so do teachers. When you put one of these into a young sports fan's hands, you can feel confident they will enjoy reading.