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The Trickster
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The Trickster

Robert Bourassa and Quebecers 1990-1992

By Jean-François Lisée, Translated by Simon Horn and Wanda Taylor and Robert Chodos

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A much-discussed bestseller in Quebec, The Trickster tells the inside story of political events in that province during the tumultuous two years that followed the defeat of Meech Lake.
As support for Quebec sovereignty reached record proportions, Premier Robert Bourassa had a clear opportunity to lead his province out of Confederation. For months he led Quebecers to believe that he was moving in this direction, while he privately assured prominent English Canadians that he was loyal to federalism.
Based on interviews with a wide range of political figures, strategists, pollsters and researchers, The Trickster is an umparalleled examination of a crucial period in Quebec's history.

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 392 pages
Publication Date: 1st January 1994
ISBN: 9781550284669
Format: 9in x 6in

Binding: Hardback, 392 pages
Publication Date: 1st January 1994
ISBN: 9781550284676
Format: 9in x 6in

BISAC Code:  POL022000
Imprint: Lorimer


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