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Campus Confidential
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Campus Confidential

100 startling things you don't know about Canadian universities

By Ken S. Coates and Bill Morrison

Our universities represent the very best in our society. They are the wellsprings of new ideas, the incubators of new companies, the centres of culture, the training ground for the leaders of tomorrow, and the meeting place for brilliant young minds and accomplished mentors.
Or at least, that's how it's supposed to be. The truth is, our universities are floundering, and as a result they are coming under attack from all sides -- from government, students, parents, and faculty. To respond to these challenges, the first step is to face the uncomfortable facts about universities today. That's what insiders Kenneth Coates and William Morrison do in this short book. If we can get past the myths and dreams to come to terms with universities as they actually are, we can start a real debate about what they should be doing.

"According to Coates and Morrison, Canada should rethink its approach to post-secondary schooling, with more students streamed not to university but to technical and practical training. Clearly, there's an enduring demand for IT support staff and healthcare technicians, electricians, plumbers, skilled construction workers, draftsmen and tool and die makers."

- Diana Swift Anglican Journal

"Only once students respect the university experience for what it is -- not what it will get them -- will attitudes change. But with the many challenges facing young people today, Coates and Morrison aren't sure this can even happen."

- CBC.CA/books

"...a guide to the mindset of the entitlement generation."

- Margaret Wente Globe & Mail

"[Ken Coates and Bill Morrison's] new book, Campus Confidential, is a bracing reality check that should be essential reading for would-be university students, their parents and anyone who thinks higher education holds all the answers."

- Margaret Wente The Globe and Mail

"Heading to university just because Mom, Dad, a guidance counsellor, or society in general think you should can prove to be an extremely expensive mistake."

- Rick Maclean Charlottetown Guardian

"This is a must read book for all parents and teenagers thinking about university education as well as all high school counsellors."

- Hrayr Berberoglu Wines World

Thinking about post-secondary education? Bill Morrision [and Ken Coates] has just the book for you.

- Ladysmith Chronicle

"The entitlement generation is killing the joy of teaching they say, but students aren't the only challenge for universities....The 100 startling things are organized into short chapters with snappy titles..."

- Janet Steffenhagen Vancouver Sun

"...crisply written"

- Jon Ferry The Province

"[One] of the smartest critics of the system is Ken Coates... Dr. CoatesÂ’s book, Campus Confidential, is essential reading for students and their parents."

- Margaret Wente The Globe and Mail

KEN S. COATES is Canada Research Chair in Regional Innovation at the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Saskatchewan. Formerly, he was Dean, Faculty of Arts at the University of Waterloo. He lives in Saskatoon.

BILL MORRISON was a professor and administrator at universities in Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia and a visiting professor in the United States before he retired in 2010. Morrison has published fourteen books, twelve of them in collaboration with Ken S. Coates. He lives in Ladysmith, BC.

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