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Open Ice

A young teen girl tries to unite her co-ed hockey team and prove to herself and everyone else that she can play.

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Volleyball Vibe

A young teen girl discovers playing sports as a way to boost self-esteem and feel like she belongs.

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Tough Call

Malia wants to be a good basketball referee, but can she make the right calls, especially against her sister's team?

Paperback   Active
9781459413689 | Published: September 2018

Sliding Home

Fearing for his father in violent El Salvador, a young baseball player finds help from his community.

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Mermaid Warrior Squad

At summer arts camp, shy Dylan and outgoing Coral create a comic book about mermaids. But when the camp bullies target Coral, can Dylan channel her inner mermaid warrior to save her and the final show?

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Run for Your Life

Cross-country runner Chris trains with a Native kid who has been displaced by a fire in the community and learns what it's like to be a refugee and literally run for your life.

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Superhero Ninja Wrestling Star

Archie starts Grade 6 as the only kid who has not grown over the summer. He goes on a mission to make himself bigger, stronger and faster to impress his best girl friend, Shamini.

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Making the Team

When Hannah doesn't make the Grade 8 girls basketball team and June does, Hannah misses playing basketball and spending time with her best friend.

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My Best Friend Is a Viral Dancing Zombie

Riley and his best friend Finn know their zombie movie has what it takes to win the class film competition, at least until their desire for fame threatens their friendship.

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The Starting Eleven

A skilled younger player is added to the soccer team, bringing the chance for Cody and some of the Lions to get called up to an elite team.

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