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The Playmaker

The story of a young girl who overcomes envy, prejudice, and her own problems with self-esteem to make a place on a new hockey team.

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Empty Net

The story of a young girl who learns a different way of life and appreciation of her sport in a remote northern community.

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Anna's Pet

A classic story about the relationship between a child and the natural world from two of Canada's most beloved writers, now back in print.

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Ambush in the Foothills

The year is 1877. Jamie and Kate Bains are ready to help their friend, North West Mounted Police constable Patrick McNeil, drive a herd of cattle north to the foothills country of Canada.

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Billy Higgins Rides the Freights

Growing up during the Great Depression isn't easy for 13-year-old Billy Higgins, especially when he has to quit school and look for work.

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Anna's Pet
Hardback   Out of print
9780888622495 | Published: January 1980

Anna's Pet

This volume in the Kids of Canada series follows a young city girl's exploration of the countryside, showing what she finds there.

Hardback   Out of print
9780888629418 | Published: January 1980

First Spring on the Grand Banks

In this exciting tale set in the 1870s, John and Meg Bains and their friend Canso arrive in Nova Scotia to find that Canso's father has died and his schooner seized for debts.

Paperback   Active
9780888622204 | Published: January 1978

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