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Prairie Fire!

Prarie Fire is an exciting adventure story as well as a fascinating account of what homesteading was like in the 1870s.

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Loyalist Runaway

Kitty Byles is an 11-year-old adventurer, and she has a Great Plan. She's decided to find Tommy, her uncle who has been outcast from the family ever since he joined up with other Yankee rebels to fight for independence from British rule.

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Trouble at Lachine Mill

Meg and her twelve-year-old brother Jamie take jobs in a shirt factory in Montreal. Soon they discover they have been hired at rock-bottom wages to replace striking workers.

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The Baitchopper

Andrew Gurney knows his father is involved in the fight for a fisherman's union, but such grown-up problems have little place in his 13-year-old world - until a street battle with kids from the other side makes him realise that his father fight has also b

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Shantymen of Cache Lake

This is the story of 14-year-old John Bains and his sister Meg, 13, and the winter they spend working in alumber camp in the Ottawa Valley.

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